Private Security

Private security agencies are those organizations involved in providing security services including training of security guards to any industrial or business undertaking or a company or any other person or property. The operations of a private security agency are governed in India by the “The Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005. In the article “How to start a a security guard service business“, the procedure for starting a security agency is covered. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining Private Security Agency License in detail.

  • The person or company cannot be convicted of an offence in connection with promotion, formation or management of a company (any fraud or misfeasance committed by him in relation to the company), including an undischarged insolvent;
  • The person or company cannot be convicted by a competent court for an offence, the prescribed punishment for which is imprisonment of not less than two years;
  • The person or company cannot be keeping links with any organisation or association which is banned under any law on account of their activities which pose threat to national security or public order.
  • The person cannot be dismissed or removed from Government service on grounds of misconduct or moral turpitude.

  • Guard House

    Our pre-assembled modular buildings are ideal for use as guard houses (also referred to as guard booths or security booths) to provide perimeter security and/or access control. These units can double as a guard booths or cashier stations and can be equipped with a wide range of options including spotlights and transaction drawers to meet your specific needs. All booths are shipped fully equipped and ready for instant use. They can be installed almost anywhere and can be easily relocated if your needs change.

    Other features include:

  • All-welded aluminum construction
  • Full 360° visibility
  • Double-sliding tempered safety glass windows
  • Electrical outlets and lighting
  • Heavy duty doors.
  • Standard models range in size from 3' x 4' to 8' x 16' and feature sliding doors and windows for ease of communication with visitors. Roof overhangs can be configured to meet almost any specification.
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    Protection of Objects

    Under international humanitarian law, civilian objects such as schools, hospitals, and houses are protected. So are humanitarian, religious and medical objects, as well as the environment. In addition, cultural property benefits from an additional protection.Operational objects such as company headquarters, the data centres, the production factory or the warehouse need protection corresponding to the identified hazards in an economically sensible way. Our consultants identify classical risks such as intruder crime, sabotage and terroristic attack, as well as attacks by perpetrators and risks caused by public transport, fire loads, natural disasters and weather phenomena. We offer support for the process of the realization of the concrete security measures through the development of guidelines for the local security check, the definition of safety standards, the definition of functional specifications for individual projects and the validation of innovative security technologies.

    Factories, warehouses, port companies, construction sites, banks, centres of logistics and trade, administrative buildings, educational and training institutions;Protection of objects and its property and people, is performed by certified security staff.ther private, commercial, industrial or state premises and territories.

    Cash Management

    We have extensive experience in providing Cash van/manned services . We have launched bullet/non bullet proof cash vehicle services with solid locking system and the efficient modern communication system keeping the public interest in mind. The objective is to reduce the response time for prevention of crime and to reduce losses in cash. Jupiter Operates large fleet of special purpose as well as standard Cash Vans for its own business as well as for customers.

    We also offer Cash Van on hire basis to our customers. The Cash vans so offered are as per the customer requirements and with or without other operating staff like Guards and Tellers



    Transport Security

    We do not compromise with quality and our motto is to provide best security guards in the industry.

    We offer several specialised services which include security services, Uniformed Guarding Services, Security Guards, Female Guards, Security Gunman, PSO ,Bouncers ATM/ Bank Security Guards etc. As Security Agency we secure your today and tomorrow by using every types of Security aspects in your premises.

    Apart from all the trained security personnel, we also provide professional attendants to look after buildings, offices, parking lots etc. They are not Security Guards, but they perform far better than a security guard of a Security Company. Their dress up may be custom or your company specific. Apart from Manned Guarding we also assist in automatic devices for checking, verification, attendance etc.

    Defense Training

    Security guards should start training before they even decide to enter the field. Think about the chances a person has to get involved in self defense classes. Self defense is the first stop in defense for anyone, so it only makes sense for a security guard to begin there.

    The good news about working with a security company is that most of them provide their own training. When hired on, a security guard might go through some sort of training to help make them better at their job. Even if the business does not provide training they will most likely give out resources to the security guard. Safety should always be a main concern for the security guard and those hiring the security guards.